New Participant Checklist

Welcome to PayPro Administrators!  We are so happy that you signed up for your Consumer Driven Health Account.  You will be surprised how much you can save on your out of pocket expenses, but before we need to ensure you’re set up on the online portal and/or the mobile app.  This is essential to know your account balances, claims status, and have access to any updates or alerts.


  1. Visit Your App Store and search “PayPro Flex Benefits App” to download your account banking app and mange your account.
  2. Check your email for our welcome email which contains your username and temporary password.
  3. Register through the app or on your personal computer by logging into our Consumer Account Portal in the upper right corner of our homepage.  Be sure to do this early on as the temporary password will expire after some time.
  4. Utilize our Consumer Portal User Guide to help navigate through your account so you can update your personal information, check claims status, submit new claims, or even store information for future claims.
  5. We know logging in is sometimes the last thing on your mind, so sign up for Text Alerts in your portal as well, this way you will receive balance updates and claims status while you’re on the go!
  6. Review your Plan Documents and start saving money today!  Remember, if you do have any questions, we are just an email or phone call away!

Mobile App Fact Sheet

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